The MRi & Packing my overnight Hospital bag

Not much news today. I had a contrast MRi this morning that I will probably get results the morning of my surgery. The MRi was a 45mins procedure. When the machine takes the images, it’s very loud as if you are on a construction site. They provided me with headphones that were linked up to a Pandora music station of my choosing. That was pretty neat.

Only two days until my colon surgery. I made a list of items that would make my hospital stay more comfortable like; a robe, pj’s, toiletry bag, warm non-slip socks, ipad, etc… If you have any ‘must have’ item suggestions, let me know. I’ve only stayed in a hospital one other time, giving birth. I’ll be packing my bag tomorrow.


7 thoughts on “The MRi & Packing my overnight Hospital bag

  1. When I was hospitalized a friend gave me a large flat bottomed basket (with a fancy bow) that I kept either on my bed or at my bedside. The basket kept within reach my iPhone, notepad, pen, hand cream, emery board, Altoids (I so often had dry mouth), brush and, once my taste buds returned, Rice Krispie Treats! Once home I continued to use the basket … a wonderful convenience

  2. Praying for you for fast healing. Praying for your surgical team to do their best work today. For you and your family may the peace and love of god and your community surround you!

  3. Hi Diana,
    I was in your Eastlake Group this summer and just got an email from Anjuli with this news. My family and I will be praying for you, your husband and Harper. We pray that tomorrow goes well!
    – Julie

  4. Bring some gum 🙂 And maybe an actual book. In case you get tired of looking at the ipad screen. I hope you are able to get some rest tonight despite the anxiousness I imagine you are feeling. If you or Jason need anything feel free to call either me or Matthew! Love you guys and will be praying!!!

  5. Hi darling, thanks for the link to your blog. You’ll be in our thoughts and hearts tomorrow and I’ll contact your mom after your operation. Stay strong and positive and remember just how much your loved by so many. Love you very much. Aunt Lynn and Uncle Tom xxx

  6. Hi Diana, you will be in my thoughts tomorrow. I hope all goes as well as possible. Please send us an update when you can! xo, Kelly

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