First surgery complete!

What a day! I got up at 4am to give one last little feeding to my baby girl. Once complete, I told my hubby to get me to the hospital. We were the first patient there so we had some time to settle in. The dude nurse was funny and joked quite a bit about my likeness to bananas since my potassium levels have been high. After a few needle pokes, conversations with the doctors, and a hug and kiss I was on my way to get a colectomy.

I don’t remember much from the afternoon, but Jason has informed me that the surgery went well but we are not in the clear just yet. The spots on the liver were concerning and will also need to be taken care of. Chemo will happen…

No matter the risks or treatment, my plan is to stay strong and positive. Many thanks for all of the support.


10 thoughts on “First surgery complete!

  1. Dearie – Nick and I did not telephone because we did not want to disrupt your healing/resting by being pesky relatives … so this blog is priceless … sorry it took me so long to “get on board!”

  2. Oh Diana ! I am so grateful I got to chat with you. Just in case you don’t remember,,, we did 🙂 hehe Love you soooo much >^–^<

  3. You are a inspirational gift to this world, Diana! I am sending sunshine and positivity your way. You are a tough cookie and this too will pass. Let me know how I can help. Xoxo.

    ~ Melissa

  4. Good to hear that the surgery is over. The wife of one of Zoe’s University Professors had exactly what you’re going through at the moment, including the spots on the liver. She was your age too and is now in her late fifties. Stay positive darling. Sending all our love from Aunt Lynn, Uncle Tom and Zoe who’s now with us. xxx

  5. Love you girl! Your positive attitude is inspiring. You’re always in my prayers and I’ll be there in a heartbeat when/if you need me!

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