Day Three of Recovery

This has been the hardest day yet. This morning the nurses took out my catheter and took away the IV pain medication that I was able to inject every 10min. I now take pain medication by pill form every four hours or so.

I started eating solid foods last night. I need to remember to chew very well.

My stomach hurts when I talk and walk. The nurses put a binder (like a corset) around my waist. This has helped reduce pain.

I will be discharged to go home tomorrow, Sunday. I am so looking forward to see my baby, i’ve never been away from her this long. (And tomorrow is her first Birthday)


8 thoughts on “Day Three of Recovery

  1. No doubt Jason and Harper were delighted to have you home, especially on such a special day. I hope that Harper had a wonderful first birthday surrounded by all the people who love you very much. Was so sorry to hear about the post-op pain you’re experiencing darling. I’m so happy that your wonderful mom, my amazing sister, is there for you as ever, to care for you and to keep you strong and positive.

  2. Great news about getting to go home and being with Miss Harper again. I am so sorry for the amount of pain you experiencing but grateful for the wonderful nurses who pampered you through this difficult surgery and recovery period. Here is to recovery and healing. Xo. Happy Birthday Harper!!

    happy winter solstice and the beginning of a fresh new cycle of healing and happiness

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