The day after surgery

I’ve been resting in bed all day, with eating only Ice chips. But this afternoon I was able to start a liquid diet. The nurses have been so kind to me. One of the nurses french braided my hair. She said she loves to pamper mothers.

The surgeon wanted me to walk the hallways for a little bit, it felt nice to stand up. The surgeon informed me that I have stage 4 cancer. I’ll be starting chemo in two weeks, once I am healed more from the surgery.

It was nice to have my mom in town, she will be staying in my hospital room until I am discharged.


4 thoughts on “The day after surgery

  1. Good Morning I am so glad to be on your blog. Say Hi To Brenda! My healing prayers have gone into high gear mode for you. If you feel a little warm ting in your tummy,, it is just me . LoVe sandi

  2. I am so glad that you have had kind nurses. That can make all the difference! I’m sorry I wasn’t able to come visit today! I just really don’t want to get you sick. Especially if you’re going to be starting chemo in a couple weeks 😦 Sending you lots of hugs though!!! Stay strong! Your positivity is inspiring.

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