Discharged from hospital

Another day of recovery. I’ve been resting, taking medication and walking around with assistance.

The surgeon stopped in to check on me Sunday morning. She wants me to keep the same dressings on the five incisions. I’ll make a follow up appointment in a week to take them off.

My Mom has been by my bedside since the night of the surgery, sleeping on the pull out couch, keeping me company. With her help, I was able to shower.

I was discharged around 3PM on Sunday. Jason drove me home very slowly and tried to avoid any road bump.

Harper was just waking up when I got home. Family rallied and decorated the living room with Birthday streamers and balloons; for Harper’s first birthday. It was so special.



9 thoughts on “Discharged from hospital

  1. Hello. My name is Spencer Webster and I’m a Kirkland resident. I was surfing through the GoFundMe site for my local area. I’d like to offer you and your family a free StoryCatcher video. It could be a great way to get you more promotion for your campaign. It would be a great way for people to know you more.

  2. Hi Diana!

    Nancy just sent this to me…oh my Word! Sending you and your family as many positive vibes and prayers as possible. If I can help in any way, please feel free to reach out! Little Miss Harper is adorable! I’m so glad you got to celebrate her birthday. I hope things only get better from here and that you get to enjoy your Christmas. I hope to see you soon, sending you hugs and prayers!


  3. Diana,
    Your beautiful bright smile shines so bright.
    You are in my prayers everyday.
    Hugs and kisses to you and your family.
    God Bless:)

  4. Love the birthday pictures! and how wonderful that all the Weispersons were there to promote and sustain the festivities of Harper’s birthday celebration. I found in a catalog what I consider the perfect gift for a kiddio … chose not to send it since I will be coming to you on January 3rd and can hand deliver said perfect present!

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