Tough Changes

Since I’ve been home it’s been a hard transition emotionally. The everyday routine I am use to; cooking, cleaning, care giving, always on the move, has become more like sitting on the couch and resting.

For the first week that I’ve been home, my 1yr old daughter, Harper, has been sick with a fever. It has been hard hearing her cry and not being the one caring for her. I am also emotionally upset that I can’t nurse Harper anymore. While at the hospital my milk supply dried up; even though I was pumping.

This was the first week meals have been delivered to my house via ‘’. What a blessing that has been!

Yesterday I had a follow up appointment with both the surgeon and oncologist. The surgeon pulled off four of the five bandages. She said my incisions are healing well and to check back in a few weeks. The oncologist talked to me about the Chemotherapy options to treat the five spots on my liver. The spots are not concentrated, they are scattered around.

My husband and I are taking one day at a time, not using our energy on worrying about the cancer. A book I’m reading says it well; “Never dwell on tomorrow, remember that tomorrow is God’s, not ours” Calm My Anxious Heart by, Linda Dillow

Thank you for all your love and support.



7 thoughts on “Tough Changes

  1. Hi Diane,
    Tim and I have just seen whats going on with you. We are in prayer for you guys and are filled with hope for your full recovery as we just had a dear fiend go through what you are; she is now cancer free and back to doing all the things she enjoyed before her treatment. I would love to hook you two up, she is such an amazing woman – God is good!

  2. Hey sweet friend, I just heard about the journey you’re on. Praying fervently for all of these things now. Would love to help or just distract you in any way I can 😉 I love that you’re reading that book – it’s so good. This is going to be an awesome story you’ll tell Harper about when she’s older…the community that gathered around you, the healing, the love you’re experiencing. Much love to all of you.

  3. You’re coping with lots of difficult adjustments at the moment darling, but clearly doing so with courage. Stay strong and get a little better as each day goes by. x

  4. “…pulled off…” makes me shudder … thank goodness you are such a tough cookie (on the outside).
    I so look forward to hangin’ and helpin’ … you are a dear to accept my offer and I look forward to taking more videos of Harper … videos are THE BEST!!

  5. Even with all those pokes and cuts your tummy is still Beautiful. Sending strong rays of healing light to you dear Diana and much love to Jason and Harper and of course the Titain!

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