Port-A-Cath & FOLFIRI

I have my first chemotherapy scheduled on Wed Jan 14th. I decided to use the chemo treatment called FOLFIRI with cetuximab.

A week before that happens (this Thursday), I will have surgery to insert a Port A Cath near my collarbone. If all goes well, I should be in the hospital for five hours total.

I’m still healing well from my last surgery.

Just two days ago my Mom flew back home and one of my sisters flew in. My sister Elizabeth will be living with me to be my helping hands for my daughter. I am so thankful for her help.

Thank you all for your kind, encouraging comments.



4 thoughts on “Port-A-Cath & FOLFIRI

  1. Hi Diana,

    Kent here. I can’t tell you how concerned I am for you right now. While its been awhile since we’ve talked or seen each other, I want you to know how much I appreciate you and enjoy keeping in touch along life’s journey. You are a great person, I knew that from the start when we first met and worked together, even when you were younger and trying to find your way. Lots and lots of people love and support you and your young family and know you will fight this thing with all your soul! Go get em’ Tiger! All the best, kent and marina

  2. Will be thinking of you tomorrow darling – another step towards recovery. Good to hear that Elizabeth is now with you. Like you, she’s a strong positive person and will be great for you to have around. xxx

  3. You will be very glad to have the port. It saves so many bruises. I am on chemo #7 of 12 this week, it is going by really fast. Hope it does for you too, it may be uncomfortable, but the results will be worth it! Hang in there!

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