Just this past Wednesday night I had to call my Doctor; my mouth was in great deal of pain from the sores. Thankfully, he got in touch with me almost immediately.

He prescribed me a mouth-rinse, but I needed to find him a pharmacy; that was open 24hrs, that had the medicine in stock… I was in luck, the fourth pharmacy we called had it. The medicine helped a little, not much.

The next day, Thursday, my Doctor squeezed me in for an appointment to see these new symptoms; the sores on my tongue and the acne like rash on my face and back. For the mouth sores, He prescribed me another mouthwash called ‘Magic Mouthwash’, that has a numbing agent in it. I am also using a baking soda/salt rinse. It still hurts to talk and eat. The maddening thing is, I am hungry and it’s too painful to eat (even room temp yogurt). I am losing more weight, currently at 105lbs.

Regarding the acne, the Doctor says that’s a great sign! My cells are reacting to the chemo. I’d like to first mention, it is NOT acne, it’s a rash, that looks like whitehead pimples. (gross!) I was prescribed a topical gel to use twice daily. The medicine makes my face itch and it’ll take a few weeks to see a difference.

I’m still following the surgeon’s orders not to lift anything over 10lbs, next week will be the six week mark. With being so weak, I was told to wait an extra two weeks, making it be a total of eight weeks not to do heavy lifting. Oh, how I want to pick up my little Harper.

Next Up: My second dose of Chemotherapy, Wednesday Jan. 28th.



12 thoughts on “Uncomfortable

  1. I know all about the magic mouthwash. I have an autoimmune diesease so I have has a prescription since 2007 for these mouth sores and can confirm they are no fun 😦 As for the weight loss I can relate to that as well with my autoimmue disease. I lived off chocolate boost for months and was down to 118 pounds, very ill and thin. I couldn’t keep the weight on and had no appetite. I found chocolate to go down the best! Keep up the good work, you are doing great and staying strong. Look forward to continue reading your posts for updates!

  2. Wow! What a fantastic smile and how wonderful that we can celebrate the acne like rash being a good news story. Am liking the sound of Arlene’s Carnation chocolate breakfast recommendation. – go for it! xx

  3. Hey sweetie. I’m sorry about the mouth sores, it sounds so painful. My tongue sloughed layers, it was gross! If you get better, I would recommend a mouthwash called Biotene. It’s alcohol free and helps with dry mouth. It helped me. It sounds like you’re keeping your spirits up. As my doctor said after my first chemo: This is your new normal. Take things slower, listen to what your body is telling you. The fatigue is hard. Especially with a baby – I didn’t have anyone depending on me, and I still whined! lol
    I’m praying for you and your family.

  4. You look like your little kid, self – and who said you were growing older? You look really cute from a big sister’s point of view. (Which is always the best POINT). The eating thing is a real problem.Are able to swallow without too much pain by using your kiddie twisty straw? Sister Barbie like to take her “Ensure” meals 6 times a day this way. I pray it can work for you. Your friend, Arlene, seems to have some great suggestions, too.

  5. The nutritionist told us it is SO important to get your weight up, I used the Carnation chocolate breakfast with whole milk to try to get calories in, after a few treatments, you may be able to eat a little better, especially with the miracle mouthwash.

  6. Luckily I did not get mouth sores, but got nose sores. And my rosacea acts up….could not have made it without the miracle mouthwash! Even though I don’t have sores, my mouth feels like it has been burned, so does the scalp. Some hair is hanging in there though, enough to comb to the front and have bangs with he hat! Only 3 to go for me, then surgery! Hang in there! When you see those tumor markers falling, it helps you to know that it is working.

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