Chemotherapy Postponed

I was so happy to hear the Doctor tell me I can ‘take a week off’ from chemo when I saw him on Wednesday. He wants to make sure my quality of life is good. The pain in my mouth over the last weekend was so uncomfortable that I had to refrain from talking. That didn’t stop me from attending Kai’s first birthday party. (Good thing I’ve been working on baby sign language)

I am slowly healing and back to eating and talking. The game plan is to eat and drink a lot before my next dose of chemo; Wednesday Feb 3rd. The Doctor will most likely reduce the amount of chemo dispensed.

Here is a short video of my daughter and me at the park, loving the sun shining days.
video link

Go Seahawks! #REPETE

With Love, Diana XO


2 thoughts on “Chemotherapy Postponed

  1. Good to hear of the improvements after your week off, and that you were able to be at Kai’s first birthday party. Am loving Lifecake which keeps me up to date with Harper’s progress. She’s such a joy to watch and it’s clear that you two are such fabulous parents. Will be thinking of you on Wednesday and hopefully, with the reduced dosage, the following days won’t be so bad as last time. xxx

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