Chemotherapy Postponed, Again.

On Wednesday, I relived the same day over as last week. I wore the same outfit (Fletch soccer jersey), had the same person drive me to the appointment (Zack, my great nephew), we went to the same Indian buffet for lunch, AND my chemotherapy was postponed.

I was surprised to hear my Oncologist tell me to take another week to recover. I still had sores in my mouth and my rash was still prominent, but I wasn’t in pain. He mentioned during the appointment that my reaction to chemo was severe. Interesting…

On Friday, I had to say goodbye to my sister Elizabeth; she flew back home to Chicago. She graciously had given her time (four weeks!), energy and love to stay with us and care for Harper. (We love and miss you Elizabeth!! XO)

I just started picking Harper up again. It’s been seven weeks since my colon surgery, and honestly, I feel a little tender after lifting her.

Saturday morning I awoke having to eject matter from my stomach through the mouth (I don’t like the word vomit). I did this a few times and then rested in bed all day with my electric blanket, to keep my chills away. I’m not sure what caused it; food poisoning, the flu, chemo…

Next Up: Check in with the Oncologist & second dose of Chemo, Wednesday Feb. 11th.

With Love, Diana XO




4 thoughts on “Chemotherapy Postponed, Again.

  1. Hope you do well with the treatment you are undergoing now, I have found that during the three days of chemo, I am not able to blog, no energy, nauseous, so I wait until it subsides, so have learned not to have any expectations of doing anything until the end of the week – even with the meds.
    Prayers, good wishes, hugs and positive thoughts going out for you.

  2. Oh my, what a time you’re having darling. Am hoping for better things to come. Thank you for your lovely card, and yes, December 2015 sounds good to us. xx

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