Chemotherapy #2

Last Wednesday, my friend Tiffany accompanied me through the second round of chemotherapy. She made it her duty to make sure I kept laughing the whole time–and she sure did…even brining me to tears during a round of sumo-thumb wrestling. (See video: She also kept me busy playing Skipbo, Scene It Disney trivia, Timeline, and of course sumo-thumb wrestling. I was craving frenchfries for lunch, so Tiffany went and picked me up fries from both Whole Foods and Wendy’s. (Of course, Wendy’s fries were better)

For this round of chemo they reduced it in half, with hopes that my reaction would be better this time around, and so far it has.

On Friday, Jason told me there was a package being delivered to our house. I went to answer the door, and my friend Kayla had flown from Hawaii to surprise me with a nine day visit! Such a surprise! “Auntie Kayla” has been enjoying spending time with Harper and showing her how to blow kisses and give mommy kisses.

Over the past past week we have been enjoying the beautiful weather by going to the park to show Harper and Kayla how to kick a soccer ball. Harper, Kayla and I also went to the zoo where Harper was able to see giraffes, penguins, zebras, a peacock, and an elephant.



7 thoughts on “Chemotherapy #2

  1. The American Cancer Society came to visit our clinic and left a whole bunch of info. I had no idea of the programs that offer. They can give you a ride to treatment, provide lodging if you are coming from far away, and they have a “Look good Feel Better Program” to help with appearance based side effects. They give you a makeup kit, and it is a 2 hour class. They offer day to day helplines and emotional support helplines. Check out, or call 1-800-227-2345. I have signed up for the “look good feel better program”, Hugs, Arlene

  2. I always have an awesome time with you! I hope you’re feeling well this week – or at least Kayla is distracting you enough not to notice!

  3. Tiffany’s natural ebullience is infectious … what a great companion for Chemo #2.
    …what a wonderful surprise to have Kayla show up at your doorstop!! Dear friends sure do bring such warmth and support and giggles … and more pics and videos as well. I loved the zoo pics/videos and the kiss throwing should be an Olympic event.
    I love you, Sweetie-Pie … xoxoxo to you and Jason and Harper and the entire loving community that surrounds you.

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