Being Patient with Chemo

Preparing for chemo is hard on me mentally; since I know I’ll be sick for the following seven days. In the last post I mentioned that the Oncologist wanted me to take a week off chemo. Well… I received a call from him saying he wants me back on the schedule. I agreed and was ready to get chemo yesterday, but during the appointment he thought that I need an extra week to heal the sores on my tongue. I will be switching from getting treatment every two weeks to every three weeks. This means I’ll be in treatment until August, I think I need to have a total of 12, and I’m at #4. 

On Monday, I was at Overlake Hospital for four hours getting body scans with contrast; CT and MRI. The results came back quickly, there are no changes compared to the ones I got in December. Recap: I have two spots in my lungs that have not been confirmed cancerous, and five spots in my liver that are cancer. The Oncologist didn’t seem worried about the results. I on the other hand, wanted to see them shrinking. 

Next Up: 
-Tues March 31st, meet with a liver surgeon at University of WA. They will review ‘my story’ and body scans to see if they have any therapy that will target the cancer. 
-Next chemo is April 1st. 

Overall I’m doing okay and hanging in there. I still have my hair, but it is thinning. Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers. 

With Love,
Diana XO


3 thoughts on “Being Patient with Chemo

  1. Oh Diana, Love you so much and have you in my thoughts often. Praying for the shrinking of cancerous spots and full recovery which includes better chemo regime that has great progress with targets! Hang in there, stay strong and Happy Easter. Chris and Myron Des Jarlais

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