Chemotherapy #6, out of 12

The morning of #6, my body preemptively felt anxious with an unsettled stomach.  I believe my mind was playing tricks on me knowing that I would soon feel the side effects that chemo will have on me. 
I went through the regular motions at my appointment; checked in, got my paper ID wrist band printed & put on, went back to the infusion area where I got my blood drawn from my port-a-cath, went back to the waiting room where I waited for the nurse to call me back, when I got called, the nurse weighed me, took my blood pressure, and reviewed my medicine list (which is extensive & complicated). Then I waited for my Oncologist to come in and review my blood count to make sure another round of chemo is safe to do. 
I got the okay to start round six. I bought up a couple new concerns to my doctor:
– unwanted facial hair, wanting him to test my hormone levels, which he tested and I’ll get results next time I see him. 
– wanting a recommendation to see a naturopath, he suggested Red Cedar Wellness. 
The following four days after chemo I felt nauseous but did not throw up. The chemical taste in my mouth was prominent during those days. Just when I was feeling better and getting my appetite back, the mouth ulcers came. I cried. A cluster of them where on the tip of my tongue as well as both sides. It was painful to even have my tongue rest in my mouth. I stopped talking (try that when you are raising a 16month old who should be encouraged to talk) and I only ate sparingly. 
I met with a naturopath doctor at Red Cedar Wellness who specializes in oncology. I left feeling encouraged and ready to try new things. The doctor added four new vitamins to my diet and strongly suggests I follow the Paleo-Mediterranean Diet. We talked about other therapies to help me get through chemo like: massage and acupuncture. I’m so glad I reached out to add another person to my team.
I am praying for a week of copious food, laughter, fun and love. 
Next Up: 
Chemo #7 (of 12) Wednesday May 13th 
Acupuncture Thursday May 14th (specifically to help reduce nausea)
With Love,
Diana XO
Got my hair cut and curled

6 thoughts on “Chemotherapy #6, out of 12

  1. Diana, I am so glad that you are seeing alternative practitioners as well as your oncology team. Please tell them you work with Young Living Essential Oils and ask if they have any recommendations. I talked to your Mom yesterday and she suggested I email you on that same topic. Feel free to email me with any comments about your oils. Brenda thought you had Frankincense and Lavender. True? Do you have Melrose? Please let me know if you what more information to share with your Naturopath. Our thought and prayers are with you, Many Blessings for your courage and healing. Ellen

    1. I do not have the Melrose oil, but I do have lavender and lots of frankincense. I did tell the naturopath Dr I use oils but did not get into detail yet, there was a lot to cover on my first visit. XO

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