Chemotherapy #7, out of 12 

Being a cancer patient is hard on me mentally and physically. Most days I feel like “I got this” but other days I feel beat up and get angry and disconsolate.  

Round #7 has gotten the best of me. It all started nine days after treatment, the mouth sores started to form. I watched what I ate (soft, non-acidic foods), kept my mouth squeaky clean with rinses every hour, I didn’t talk much, but that didn’t make them go away any faster. In fact they got worse each day. I ended up going to the hospital to receive 2 liters worth of IV fluid since it was too painful to eat or drink. The Doctor prescribed two mouth rinses (MAGIC Mouthwash and Nystatin which I tried back in Jan) and a pain pill (HYDROcodone) to relieve the discomfort.  Since then I have felt some relief and been concocting rich smoothies to ingest via a straw. 
The mouth sores usually go away after four days, but it’s been seven days AND counting. I picked up a Boogie Board to help me communicate at doctors appointments and with friends and family. It’s maddening to think that my Oncologist reduced the 5FU chemo drug this round in hopes the sores wouldn’t appear. It back fired.
The other side effect I have been treating is an anal fissure that has taken over a month to heal. Lovely huh? I won’t go into detail with this. 
On a positive note, I had a surprise visit from my cousin who lives across the pond (who I haven’t seen in seven years!), had quality time with one of my best friends Kayla (who lives out of state), and have been enjoying the warm sunshine. 
Next Up: 
Chemo #8 (of 12) Wednesday June 3rd (which might be postponed if the sores haven’t fully healed.) 
Acupuncture Thursday June 4th (specifically to help reduce nausea)
With Love,
Diana XO
pictured: Gordon, Zoe (my cuz), Harper, Diana
pictured: Kayla, Diana, Harper
The Boogie Board
distrubing image of my pain

3 thoughts on “Chemotherapy #7, out of 12 

  1. Oh darling, what can I say? Horrible, horrible side effects and I wish I could wave a magic wand to take the pain away. As for getting mad and being angry, you have every right to be. On a happy note, Zoe so very much enjoyed seeing you, meeting Jason for the first time, and not surprisingly, has fallen in love with Harper. xxx

    1. Thank you for the treats! I can’t wait to eat the Flakes. I’m planning on seeing GOZO once again on Monday. What a lovely couple! Love you all. xoxo

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