Chemotherapy #8, out of 12 

This round of treatment has been smooth sailing compared to last. My Doctor eliminated the strongest drug, 5FU, in hopes I won’t get mouth sores. So far, only one sore has appeared. I have been using the nystatin rinse for it and it’s healing.

Today I had a CT scan to view the cancer spots on my liver. I am praying for good news; that they would be shrinking or better yet – gone! I meet with the Oncologist tomorrow to hear the results. 
I have decided to radically change my diet, with more articles and books I read, it confirms this will help me rid cancer and keep it at bay. Here is a brief highlight of the diet:

Foods I will cut out:
Dairy: Milk, Cheese, (yikes! For those that know me this will be hard, I am from Wisconsin), red meat, processed foods, coffee, chocolate and sugar.

Foods I will increase:
whole grains, organic veggies, organic fruit, green tea, fish, egg, nuts, and coconut/almond milk to name a few. 

Here are a few resources that were very informative for me:


Book: Cooking through Cancer Treatment to Recovery, by Price and Gins

I have been so blessed and thankful for all the support from my friends and family during this difficult time. We reached the goal from the “Go Fund Me” website and for the month of May I was sponsored by the store Oceans Green “Tips for Life’s”. Thank you. Here is their website:

Up Next:

CT scan results – Tuesday 6/16

Chemo #9 – Wednesday 6/24
With Love,

Diana XO

my daughter and I
a hydrangea from my garden


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