Chemotherapy #9, out of 12

The morning of chemo #9, I woke up before Jason and Harper, and took a moment asking God for help. I sat in silence, waiting to hear back from Him, concentrating on my breath, and being present. I didn’t hear from Him.
After I finished meditating, I started to get ready for the day and charged my iPhone on the docking clock radio. That’s when I heard from Him via a song. On any other day when I place my iPhone on the dock, music doesn’t play unless I select it. This specific morning, a very specific song started playing from my Music App on its own. I knew it was God speaking to me. He heard my cry. The song is called “Not Afraid” by Eastlake Community Church. It brought me to tears and comforted me. 

Take a listen to a clip here:

VII: Heavy Hearts, Heavy Love by EastLake Music

This round of chemo I had exactly the same drugs and dosage as #8, but my side effects were different. I got the dreaded mouth sores and it was so painful it stopped me from talking and eating for four days. This happened over the 4th of July, the sores didn’t stop me from going to the Kirkland Parade or a pool party. With round #8, I had a few sores but they were manageable. 

I’m not very much fun during the infusions due to the Benadryl and Lorazapam I take. I am lights out, sleeping most of the day away. 

I celebrated my 33rd Birthday on July 1st! With my new diet, that made it challenging to find a cake that was dairy, gluten, AND sugar free. I found a bakery called ‘The Flying Apron’ they successfully made me a tasty maple cake with agave vanilla frosting that met my diet needs.

I’m reading yet another book that encourages me to continue on my new diet. The book is called “Radical Remission” by Kelly A Turner, Ph.D and was recommended to me from my acupuncturist. Turner studies people who had very aggressive cancers and beat them. She found that the majority of them made four dietary changes: 

“-greatly reducing or eliminating sugar, meat, dairy and refined foods, greatly increasing vegetable and fruit intake, eating organic foods, and drinking filtered water.” 

I’m doing all of those listed, minus the filtered water. I need to research water filters. 

My oncologist has been discussing with the liver surgeon what would be the best option for me. I foresee some sort of burning, freezing or cutting out the lesions by the end of this year. I have set up an appointment with the surgeon to better understand the operation and the timeline of events. 

In addition to my oncologist and liver surgeon, my naturopathic doctor is very active in helping me. I’m so lucky to have her on my team; she is one of few in Washington state to be certified by the American Board of Naturopathic Oncology. 

Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers. This is a long journey. 
With Love,



Next Up: 

Chemo #10 – Monday July 27th

Acupuncture – Tues July 28th

Massage Therapy – Wed July 29th

Meet with the UW liver surgeon – Aug 11th
My Chemo Side Effects:

Severe mouth sores


Cuts on my hands and feet

Metal taste in my mouth

Hair loss – eyelashes 

(Just to name a few)

My 33rd Birthday Cake
at a wedding in Jackson, WY
passing thru Yellowstone
Family Photo w/The Teton Mtn. Range


4 thoughts on “Chemotherapy #9, out of 12

  1. So happy that you guys were able to enjoy your family time in Jackson to the fullest! We all had fun seeing you two and Harper and are lucky to have had you all there! Our thoughts remain with you!

    Love you guys!

  2. Hey there. No need to ask as you’re NEVER out of our thoughts. Listened to your “message” song and it was beautiful, just like you. Love you. xxx

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