Post Surgery Success

Let me cut to the chase. The surgery was very successful. All of my lesions where treated, all 5, even the ones that the CT scan showed as dangerous.

I haven’t spoken to the surgeon yet, but the few minutes that Jason had with him went a little like this:

The Surgeon: I obliterated 5 lesions.
Jason:  you mean 4?
The Surgeon: no, 5.
(so just to be sure he asked again)
Jason: 5?
The Surgeon: 5.

I believe in the power of prayer. Thank you Jesus! There have been many happy tears.

I stayed in the hospital one long night. The following happened: couldn’t keep food down even w/the help of anti-nausea medicine, lots of itching due to the narcotics (thank you Dawne for rubbing me down w/a dry washcloth all night to ease the itch), hurt to talk and couldn’t pee (they should have kept the catheter in after surgery).

I am enjoying being home but I have to “take the back seat”; I want to do everything but physically can’t. I need help to care for my baby Harper (21months old) and home.  This should last 7 weeks, then life can get back to normal. Currently I can’t lift anything heavier than 10 lbs.

It has been one week since the surgery and I am feeling stronger each day. It still hurts to laugh and take deep breaths. I had an acupuncture treatment 6 days post surgery and it helped me feel better.

Next Up:
Follow up with the UW Surgeon
Weekly Acupuncture
CT scan – TBD

With Love,

Diana XO

Pre Surgery
Pre Surgery patience
Post Surgery, still sedated
Post Surgery, still sedated
My bandages to cover the incisions.
My bandages to cover the incisions and a little sharpie mark on my belly button.

a video of me getting a hug from my baby:


4 thoughts on “Post Surgery Success

  1. Dear Diana, you are inspiration. Every time i get down about how hard life can be, i think of you, and the Lord puts it all back into perspective for me. He uses all things for His purposes.
    You are an example of what trusting in the Lord means. Love Aunt Becky

  2. Praise His Holy Name!!!! That is wonderful news, He heals and performs miracles still. Keeping you and your family in my prayers.

  3. hi Diana I am so proud of you for being so brave and positive. thank you for sharing your Journey with me , I am so sorry I didn’t get to see you and the Baby . She is so beautiful. I was in St Louis when you were here . Helping my Grand daughter move into her first Apt. Diana hang in there , you are so strong and brave . I am sending love and good Wishes for your recovery . please keep me posted . Love you Erica

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    1. Oh Diana, such wonderful happy news. When your mum called after your surgery, many happy tears were shed here in England too. Keep on getting stronger and better. Love you. xxx

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