One Year Ago Today…

It was one year ago today when I was diagnosed with Stage Four Colon Cancer. I had no idea what I was in for, but l was and still am willing to do anything to be in remission.
I am taking a moment to pause and reflect on this past year. It was (and still is) hard on me mentally and physically but I am thankful for every day. With the bad, there has been beams of goodness. My now 23month old is thriving, friends and family have donated their time cooking meals or helping with Harper, friends and family have donated their money to help pay for my medical bills. I want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for all your love, support and prayers. Seriously, I couldn’t do this without you. XOXO
Health Update:

Just before Thanksgiving, I went in for a post liver surgery CT scan that revealed a concern of that 5th tumor, by my main vein. This made the liver surgeon question if it is still healing, or if it is in fact still there and growing. To answer this question, I got a PET-CT scan a few days ago. (Click Here to read what a PET scan is) I am waiting for the liver surgeon to interpret the scan.

With Love,

Diana XOXO


Jason, Diana and Harper. A day at the Zoo.



8 thoughts on “One Year Ago Today…

  1. Dear Diana,

    I am 6 months along the same road as you. I am just recovering from colon surgery and am enduring several rounds of chemo while awaiting word from a liver surgeon.

    Thank you for sharing your story and giving me something to compare my experiences to.

    A tip of my ostomy bag to you!

    G. William

  2. Hi Diana,
    Just back from 10 days visiting Andy, Aly and Honey so wasn’t up to date with what’s been going on with you as I’ve missed several phone calls from your mom through being away. So, amazing, beautiful one, thanks for the update, and keep on keeping on as you do so brilliantly. We feel so helpless being so far away but rest assured that you are in our thoughts every single day. Your Christmas parcel arrived a couple of days ago, thank you, and I hope that by now yours has arrived too. Very sad that you’re unable to be with us this Christmas as we hoped, but hope to see you another time and wish you all a happy time together. Love you. xxx

  3. dear Diana , you have been so brave thru all this . Am so proud of you. So sorry I was out ofTown and missed seeing you and Harper . she is so beautiful. Like her Mama . keep on being strong honey and please keep in touch love you. Erica

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  4. In re: Picture labeled “Jason, Diana and Harper. A day at the Zoo.”
    Question: were you visiting or appearing??
    … as an example of a small young family from the Upper Northwest United States whose individuals delight in each others’ company … a rare sighting indeed

  5. Dear Diana … you are so kind to give us an update before you have results of your latest procedure … gives me a clearer indication of where to send my best energy.
    I’m always anticipating your next blog yet I must wait because I certainly don’t want to intrude with probing questions – when I was ill I did not enjoy entertaining the same questions with the same answers – which answers were typically not dispositive!
    You, Oh Sophisticated One, are loved and admired and wondered about mightily … the blog update brings me a teensy bit deeper into your experiences and makes the big red question marks bouncing around in my head a bit smaller and little less active !!
    I love you, Sweet Heart. xoxoxoxo

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