Remission… RE-mission… 

I kinda left you all hanging from the last blog. I waited for the PET scan results longer than anticipated; with the Christmas and New Year holidays, the UW liver surgeon was out of the office. Once he reviewed it, we were told he is not concerned with the last lesion in my liver. This was great news, I’d hate to start 2016 with treatment. 
The plan is to go in for CT or MRi scans every 3-6months to monitor the last tumor and any possible new ones. That is doable. I’m going to keep my port-a-cath in for little while longer, just for my security. I can keep the port in as long as I want, but need to get it flushed with saline every 4-6 weeks. (This will keep it from getting clogged.)
Last year was intense to say the least. It’s hard to wrap my brain around that I survived intense chemotherapy and two major surgeries. I am so thankful that I feel great. I’ve been shying away from sharing how good I feel, because I know a few people with cancer who have passed away this year. Why am I still here? I have stage four cancer. 
Shockingly, life has resumed to normal. I joined TeamSurvivorNW, a local non-profit for women cancer survivors. Through this, I’m attending a weekly circuit training class that has propelled me to be stronger than I have ever been. I’m protecting myself from cancer by exercising almost daily, eating mostly plant based foods, taking supplements, and being aware what I put on my skin.  
My oncologist said I’m in remission, but to remember that it can come back; the odds are high. I’m working hard to defy the odds. I’m celebrating my 34th Birthday today. Hooray! 
Next up: CT scan Tue July 12
With Love, 

Diana XOXO


10 thoughts on “Remission… RE-mission… 

  1. Happy belated birthday. So glad to hear you are doing well. I had a setback but am good now. I had a brain tumor removed in July. It was benign thank goodness. It had nothing to do with colon cancer. I found it because I went to neurologist so in a way the colon cancer saved my brain. Strange how things happen. They think I had it for at least a decade or longer. I am starting to feel normal again. You keep taking good care of yourself. I think about you often and keep you in my prayers.

  2. I cannot tell you how proud I am of you. I do not know how you can be so brave but God is helping all of us in you journey to complete recovery. It has made me enjoy every day taking nothing for granted. I sent your blog to mr wonderful church family who pray for you every day. Love. Mom

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  3. Happy Birthday Diana . So glad to hear the good News. I think of you so often ,and am sorry I didn’t get to see you on your last Visit . Looking forward to your next Visit . Please keep in touch . I love you !and have a wonderful Day . May all your wishes come true Erica

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  4. I’ve you Diana! I was just stalking your blog days ago for an update. Praise Jesus and Happy Birthday!!

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