A Stable Start to 2017 

In this case, no news is good news regarding my health. I continue to get CT scans with contrast of my chest, pelvis and abdomen every four months; everything is stable. I continue to make fitness and plant based foods a priority  as well as supplements that my naturopathic oncologist suggests. Which are: 

  • Curcumin 
  • Melatonin
  • Maitake 
  • Magnesium 
  • Milk Thistle 
  • B Supreme 
  • Adrenotone 
  • Vitamin D

A few post chemo side effects have been:  
-neuropathy in my left leg that travels down to my foot. Jan of ’17 is the first time I have experienced this. Thankful it is not painful, feels tingly. My Dr. said this should go away over time. It seems to better this week. 

-My skin is cracking on my heels, hands and the tip of my nostril. I continue to remedy it with lotions that have the ingredient calendula. 

-A tightness under my right rib cage when I take deep breaths. 

On CT scan mornings I find that I need to control everything in my home (sorry Jason); everything needs to be in its place – in order. I can’t control the scans outcome so that is a result of my nervous energy. And on the drive to the appointment, I turn the music up and have the windows down and breathe in the fresh air. 

To summarize 2016 – I got my port-a-cath removed on July 22!! They call that graduation day. Regarding the other side of my life; my daughter (now three years old) is thriving thanks to all the love she received from friends and family during my treatment. I moved thirty minutes north to live next door to family. I mourned the loss of three family members, my Brother in Law Raymond, my Dad, and the family dog Bismarck. XO I miss them. 

Wishing you all good health and happiness.
With Love, 

Diana XO 

Post surgery of port-a-cath removal – Graduation day!
Pre-surgery for port-a-cath removal
Jason and my Dad in 2010
Thoughtfulness; my daughter gave me her cat Nihi so I wasn’t alone for my CT scan.


One thought on “A Stable Start to 2017 

  1. Dear Diana so glad you are doing well. You look beautiful . Thank you for the Pictures your little Daughter is a beauty like her Mama. I am spending the month of March here in Palm Springs. take care Diana I am thinking of you and am sending hugs and love ❤️Erica


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